Trial by Fire

Forest Fires and Forest Policy in Indonesia’s Era of Crisis and Reform

Provides a detailed account of the human, economic, and environmental damage that occurred as a result of the 1997-98 fires in Indonesia

Nearly 10 million hectares were burned by fires that engulfed areas of Indonesia in 1997 and 1998. The fires were mostly ignited by plantation companies and others eager to clear forest land as rapidly and cheaply as possible. Read more

Penebangan Liar di Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting

Update Laporan “The Final Cut”

Pada bulan Agustus 1999 EIA dan Telapak Indonesia menerbitkan ‘The Final Cut’, melancarkan kampanye dan menyiarkan praktek penebangan liar berskala komersial di Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting dan Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser kepada jutaan penonton televisi di Indonesia dan di seluruh dunia. Read more