The Last Frontier

Illegal Logging in Papua and Chinas’s Massive Timber Theft

Asia has already lost 95% of its frontier forests. Most of what remains is confined to the Indonesian archipelago, and the province of Papua in Indonesia is home to the largest tract. This report exposes how these last precious forests are being illegally felled and sold off wholesale to China, which is now the largest consumer of stolen timber in the world. One timber species – merbau, a luxurious dark hardwood – is the main target of the illegal loggers in Papua. In undercover meetings with illegal loggers, traders and timber buyers, EIA/Telapak have exposed the shocking scale of the billion-dollar merbau trade, and laid bare the details. Read more

Penyelundupan Kayu Terbesar di Dunia Terungkap Antara Indonesia dan China

Jakarta, 17 Februari 2005: Penyelundupan kayu liar besar-besaran dari Indonesia ke China yang bernilai trilyunan rupiah telah secara langsung mengancam hutan tropis yang tersisa di wilayah Asia-Pasifik, demikian diungkapkan Telapak dan Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) hari ini. Read more

World’s Biggest Timber Smuggling Racket Exposed Between Indonesia and China

17th February 2005, Jakarta: Rampant smuggling of illegal timber from Indonesia to China is a billion dollar trade threatening the last remaining intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telapak revealed today. Read more