Agroforest Farmers Offer a Solution to Global Economic and Environmental Crisis

Bogor, 23 February 2009. Agroforest farmers at the base of Mount Pangrango have managed to export kidney tea (Orthosiphon spp.) leaves product to France. This is a local initiative that has potential to become a solution to global environment and economy crisis.In a modest ceremony marking the first export of the herb, the farmers with several members of Telapak witnessed a 20 feet container loaded with the herb leaving for the port. The farmers who live in two villages around Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park have been cultivating kidney tea organically since the last two years. The herb, which has been cultivated under the canopy of Bogor rain forests, can thrive under the canopy and it will not either harm the trees or have negative impact on forest ecological function. Read more

Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia Harus Hentikan Sertifikasi Pengelolaan Hutan Tanaman Lestari Pada Konsesi Hutan Tanaman Industri

Bogor, 9 Pebruari 2009. Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia (LEI) harus berhenti mengeluarkan sertifikasi Pengelolaan Hutan Tanaman Lestari (PHTL) bagi perusaan HTI yang melakukan konversi hutan alam atau membuka ekosistem gambut ketika membangun hutan tanamannya, demikian diserukan 2 LSM lingkungan, Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) dan Telapak hari ini. Read more