Certification Scheme For Sustainable Palm Oil Need To Be Re-Designed

Indonesian Civil Society Groups for Sustainable Palm Oil Industry

Tuesday, March 21, 2017. – On the International Day of Forests, we, a group of civil society representatives released a joint message regarding sustainable palm oil industry in Indonesia through a position paper that highlights the need of active participation and transparency in the process of ‘strengthening’ the certification system for Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) that is currently being pursued by the Government. Read more

Indonesian Civil Society Groups Position Paper On Sustainable Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia

Palm oil is one of the prominent agriculture products in most part of Indonesia. Indonesia is the biggest palm oil producer in the world with production rate more than 30 million tons in 2015 , though its production rate still below Malaysia. More than 70% of total production exported to international market that includes India, Europe, and China, and other 60 countries . In early 2017, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) set a target of producing 40 million tons of crude palm oil (CPO) by 2020. Read more

Clear-Cut Explotation

How International Investors & REDD+ Donors Profit from Deforestation in West Papua

Indigenous landowners in Sorong, West Papua province, are being exploited by the Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group (KLI) for plantations development – at great cost to them and their forests.

Documents obtained by EIA/Telapak reveal “land rental” agreements provide Moi landowners with as little as US$ 0.65 per hectare – land projected to be worth US$ 5,000 per hectare once developed. Read more

A Guide for Analyzing Livelihoods & Economic Activities in the Context of a Negotiated Approach to IWRM

Livelihood Analysis and Activity Analysis (LA&AA) are important tools in the Negotiated Approach (NA) to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). They collect and analyze information on water users in terms of people (households) and economic activities. The results of LA&AA aim to reflect the perceptions of water users about their water resources and their management. Through the LA&AA we can also understand what people’s hope, considerations and alternatives are for what the government has done. Read more

‘Rogue Traders’ in Timber Smuggling Exposed

Environment groups name two kingpins in illegal international trade

THE Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telapak today (August 5, 2010) name two of the kingpins in Indonesia profiteering from the hugely lucrative international trade in stolen timber. Read more